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Hiking in red dirt in Arches National Park.

Please join me …

… as I wander the outdoors, delve into natural history, seek out wild places, and write about it all in this little online journal. My intention for this website is threefold: I hope to build an engaging space for my nature writing, expand my understanding of the natural world, and renew my practice of creating illustrated nature journals.

For now, I’ll keep things informal and flexible. I might wander off-topic at times while I hone my newsletter crafting skills. That’s why all of the content I publish here is currently free to subscribers—it gives me the latitude I might need to lose the plot. If I’m lucky, I might even find it again.

How often do you publish?

At the moment, I’m keeping things informal while I find my stride. I’m hoping to ramp up to once- or twice-weekly newsletters in the coming months, at which time I will consider a paid option with a few extra-special features.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Not a thing.

All of the content ‘round here is currently free to subscribers. Later on down the line, when I get all fancy and uber-productive, I’ll add a paid option for those who want access to all the bells and whistles. But no matter what, I’ll always strive to publish a generous helping of top-quality content to anyone kind-hearted enough to give me a follow.

Coming soon …

I have some exciting features I intend to add to this space in the future!

And so, in time, I’ll introduce a paid subscription plan for readers who want to support my work and access extras such as long-form articles, mini field guides, occasional recipes to fuel outdoor adventures, and other nifty projects I have simmering on the back-burners.

And through it all, those of you who choose to remain on the free plan will continue to receive my regular weekly dispatches.

About Laura

I’m a scientist by education, writer by profession, and artist at heart.

I studied biology and chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois and went on to obtain a master’s degree in applied ecology from Indiana University.

In the “real world,” I’ve worked as an analytical chemist, a technical writer, and a science writer. Outside of work, in what really is the real world, I’m an avid photographer, painter, hiker, conservationist, and journal keeper. I also have a particular fondness for recording and identifying the species I encounter during my adventures.

You can find my observations here:

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After the inversion in Canyonlands National Park.

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